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A Life Re-Set – At 70+ ?


 Hi! I am Graham Paris author of

My Favourite Age, to which I am sticking, as 'Peanuts' advises!

My Favourite Age, to which I am sticking, as ‘Peanuts’ advises!

 “The Grand Trick” and creator of

  I am about to embark on a life re-set!



I am trusting that at 70+ my conviction that one is as old as one  thinks one is, is valid and will allow me to take you on a journey that will prove interesting and helpful to my peers and those who follow on!

My life has been blessed with mistakes, recoveries and lessons taught if not 100% learnt.  The thing about ‘downs’ is that the ‘up’s are truly appreciated and valued

So there’s no idle bragging here (if I can slip in some solid bragging I will) and I am hoping a blast of truth will be refreshing, truths such as

“I am a Forex trader”  tempered by the true outcome – “at which endeavour I lost a lot of money”

but I did learn from that past experience and now

“I am a Forex Trader”  and “Only losing a little money”

So third time successful?  That we will see, I am taking a rain check on trading as I am about to get very busy on more bricks and mortar matters, so follow along with us, Celia and me, and let’s see where we have been and where we are going…as I write this, a first entry for some years, Celia and I are getting ready to see if we can find a home to buy in France as opposed to renting in England. How we find ourselves where we are will be revealed as we go along.

Just before disappearing, the post “The Grand Trick” was written some years ago but the content is now general knowledge, it wasn’t when I wrote it!

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What We Did in France!

After a over a year here in our own house in France, we can look back with some pride in what we have achieved.

What needed doing?

Before the house – Admin, signing on to the French healthcare system
Mysteries of the tax system

The garden (rediscovering half of it, chucking out huge amounts of debris,
Digging up about 300 Bramble Roots
Sawing down huge overhanging Oak branches (with attendant adventures)!
Dealing with enormous bracken with indestructible root systems,
Preparing ground and sowing grass

Deterring Moles

In the house:

Dealing with resident mice and keeping others out!
Deterring snakes (BIG Grass Snakes, non poisonous)
Dealing with flies (effectively)
Wall and ceiling lining and insulation
Wood treatment and preservation

Building houses for local cats!
Nursing sick and injured cats
Attempting to catch cats for visit to vets (failed – they can read our minds)!

I will recount how I tackled these jobs as they all ended happily

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A Long Garden Path – Which led us to France!

It’s a reality check time for us after about five years of being led up the garden path by an overseas business associate and to date we are many £k’s down down and currently awaiting distribution of liquidated assets.. that said (and I will probably return to that story another time) fortunately we had a plan B and that was to buy a house in France and at 72 plus (my age) I made the move with my loyal and long suffering wife of ‘a certain age’ as they used to say here, this last August (2014). So I will be writing about our adventures and experiences.

The first experience of course in any move is the decision to actually buy a house.  We had made two or three trips with this intention and had nearly settled on a house but upon second visit/thoughts decided against it, dubious neighbours and some daunting structural work required.  This last summer (2014) we made yet another flying visit with a list of about 4-5 properties to see in the Normandy and Northern end of the Pays de a Loire region.  No.5 property had a lounge that won the day, 30 square metres of it,  We were in competition with another couple who had viewed the house just before us but we won through as we hadn’t triede to ‘bargain in’ the Notaire’s fees and the other couple had.  From there on it was downhill all the way with the buying process all very simple and smooth! It was a ‘cash’ purchase, which, of course, simplifies matters.

Removals, hmmm, shop around, determine your reasonable budget based on feedback.  It is surprising, you go back and say ‘sorry’ but our budget is ‘X’  how you will achieve that.  We did and here we go…

We traded in our impressive Audi A6 for a Citroen C3, quite a hard thing to do but the down-trading cash excess was needed for our house ‘pot’ and we thought the C3 would be more suitable in France. I have to say it was a great little car, it accommodated a huge amount of “first essentials” stuff and was very economical with fuel (averaging 53 mpg).  You also felt you were ‘in the country ‘ rather than ‘in the car’. Celia said she felt rather exposed at first feeling she might ‘fall out’! She never did.

Upon boarding the Portsmouth-St Malo Brittany ferry “Grande Bretagne” we queued up with an E Type Jaguar owners club, about 15 E Types!  I explained to the check-in girl that they were always following me around.

We had a very pleasant crossing, enjoying a fine evening meal with, of course, a bottle of wine to help things along generally.  We turned up at the Estate agents in Gorron, some hours before the appointed time but that was fine as Brabara wanted to get away for her holidays so we had the keys and coukld do our ritual klean-up and work out where thibngs were going to be deployed.


Our Worldly Goods arriving at our new home

Our Worldly Goods arriving at our new home, let the work commence!





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Returning to the Bridge

It is years since I last wrote anything on this almost ghost ship of a blog, but I am glad it’s still here as I have had some interesting people connect with me through it. One person actually went on to buy our ex floating home! And another young person looking forward to living on a boat in the USA has now just ‘followed’ me, so I feel duty bound to start updating here, so look out for some proper stories coming up.

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Back From Gibraltar

Last Year I attended a week long seminar in Gibraltar  at the end June/beginning July.  We decided that Celia, Isobel and Fenella should come with me for a bit of a break but Diana committed to her piano teaching in London and concerts.

Having landed at the unique and rather short runway, where the approach can be dramatic and the landing somewhat ‘urgent’ with reverse thrust and brakes being heavily applied, having landed one side of the main road, closed for the air traffic movement and ending up within a short walk of the end of the runway (aka “The Mediterranrean”) on the other side of the main road!

We stayed at the Four Star, “Rock Hotel” an Art Deco style of building (just) but with a gracious ‘Colonial’ atmosphere with very large reception and lounge areas and magnificent views over the Bay of Gibraltar – very busy with shipping it was too! Upon booking in we were greeted smilingly at reception with some bad news and good news, I played the game and elected to hear the bad news first.  “Fully booked, Sir with the type of room for you and your daughters (i.e. two twin rooms). But the good news, you have been upgraded to a Suite!

The Suite was magnificent, with welcoming small decanters of Sherry and Whisky and we had the biggest balcony I have ever seen!  Huge, I could have easily parked my car there. landed a helicopter, placed the garden shed in a corner and still have room for flowers and seats to enjoy the view from!

Rock Hotel Balcony!

Room 112, I recommend it!

The girls thoroughly enjoyed The Rock, hotel and place, one exciting trip was by coach and ferry to Tangiers, the best accompanied tour they’d ever had – they don’t normally like them.  Celia bought a very attractive Moroccan Rug(!) But we managed the extra weight/luggage OK.  The food in The Rock was fine but the English Breakfasts were magnificent. Coffe always fresh and of a high standard and the best scrambled eggs I have ever had in a hotel, consistently good, still trying to figure out the trick of that!   Only thing lacking “Proper” Marmalade but a very small point, they had those little individual things.  Oh yes, if you would like chocolate instead of coffee, that was willingly served and ‘just like home’!

Magic Carpet Shop No Not that one

Moroccan Restaurant with Orchestra

Rock Restaurant v Good

The Rock itself gave rise to a real adventure with an ascent (without me, busy at the seminar) to the top via The Mediterranrean Steps, a minor rock climb in places perilously close to huge sheer drops. Well done Celia, who suffers from vertigo! The Barbary Apes were met up with and I post a charming picture of Celia exchanging ‘looks’ with one!  Evening meals in town were not much to write home about and I can just say ‘OK’.  The place is kept nice and clean and is pretty ‘English’ in many ways.  Red telephone boxes, an English double decker bus even!  The girls felt very happy and secure there and – they tell me there seemed to be a lot of handsome young men around. I take their word for it but the point was backed up by the artist lady who had a little shop/studio in the hotel; she recommended the Rock for the girls, said she had arrived some years ago and found her husband there and lived happily ever after!

Mediterranean Steps

Leisure? Well the skies were a marvellous Mediterranean Blue all week, temperatures into the 30’s and a lovely sea water Hotel swimming pool, surrounded by lush greenery and a convenient bar etc was a daily delight for all of us (time permitting sometimes for even me in the evening!

Would we go back, well that has to be a frm ‘yes’, much enjoyed by all!

Celia Chatting with Monkey (Barbary Ape) of GibraltarA High Place for Celia Who "Doesn't Like Heights"!

A High Place for Celia Who "Doesn't Like Heights"!

3 Saints with HalosHeaven is a Piano - They Need a New One

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Living On a Boat – One of Life’s Adventure’s

We are, I reckon, a pretty ‘One off’ family with a considerable number of bullet points to our profile!

E.g. We have three daughters who all became musicians, all pianists and all with secondary musical achievements, furthermore we have never had TV .

MV Thorntree

MV Thorntree

But if we are going to step outside the norm, let’s do it in style…

So once upon a time I came back home to be greeted by, “Our offer on the boat is accepted!”

What!!!???  I had, with some relief given up on the crazy idea hatched up on one rainy Sunday afternoon to sell up and live on a boat.  Plan A was a large ‘ready to convert’ MFV (Scottish Motor Fishing Vessel – Drift Netter) lying near Skye, Scotland.   Further reflection saved us from that idea

Plan B was a similar – but already converted to live aboard, an MFV lying in Essex, on the River Blackwater.  We had viewed the vessel, impressive in parts but ‘my area’ the engine room was a mess. The accommodation was neat and sparkling and smelling heavily of Lavender Polish!   Our offer was refused, phew, relief!

But Celia, whilst I was out had an impulse to try again, and it was accepted – subject to our selling our house.

Then – I felt fate betrayed me at the time – we sold the house!

We then sold everything just about (Celia amazed me on that score)  except books which got stashed away in friends’ attics and cellars.  And one memorable day we packed all that was left into a van and my amazingly commodious Citroen XM (lovely car)! and off we set to arrive, completely exhausted, at the berth in Essex.

We were greeted by the owner – and huge thunder clouds!  The first priority was to get the bed linen onto the boat before the threatened deluge.  So, tired as we were, we unloaded as much as we could stow away as quick as possible. Then it rained, hard, with thunder and lightning!

But something Celia and I will always treasure, the girls had bought us some special candles and gave them to us aover our first meal aboard with a letter which, frankly, made us cry. They thanked us for buying such a lovely boat and providing such an exciting home. They are loving and thoughtful daughters.

We soon discovered one of the delights of living aboard, a certain closeness to the elements and cloths were deployed to absorb the several rain drop areas around the deck-head (ceiling, which is something else on a boat).   “Ah, the dry weather we’ve been having, she’ll soon tighten up.” We were assured – but not so re-assured.  “Ah, a Welsh boat!” some wise acre remarked, “compleate with leaks!”  Hmmph!

And so we dwelt on this boat for nearly two years.  We gradually let go by renting a flat and finally we sold the boat and bought a house again.

Now the first impressions were quite contrary to reality.  The sparkling accommodation hid a multitude of sins, whilst the messy engine room actually contained a superb V8 Perkins (Caterpillar) Diesel of considerable power and smoothness, a very fine engine indeed!

Here’s picture, pity it’s against the light because I had just completely burnt off all the paint, recaulked and seamed her and a fresh repaint job. She looked pretty good – a huge labour on my behalf I might say and a very close encounter with Essex Mud. The latter gave me quite a new view of ‘nature’ and the value to wild life of mud.  Did you know that mud can sing? Well when its alive with worms etc, it does! And it can look very beautiful to in the right light/sky conditions and be very peaceful too, I rest my case for saltings mud!

Life on board was essentially happy, we had a berth at the end of a somewhat dilapidated run of staging so we were right out in the river and on the other side of that there were ‘saltings’ with attendant bird life.  The boat was very cosy and had efficient and attractive diesel fired heaters (you could boil a kettle or bake potatoes in foil on them too)!

Celia and I gave up the Masters and Mate’s double berth up for’ard to our two younger daughters and we used a pull out berth situated in the deck house aft of the wheelhouse.   From here we had a great view of the stars and I could teach Celia the names of some constellations (‘clusters’ as she called them).  No TV – we were the TV!  We were also the subject of visiting artists who would draw and paint our boat!

As we had so much stuff aboard we didn’t ‘go out’ much in her as packing away for sea was a too big a job, but we went out on occasion to avoid becoming ‘stick-in-the-muds’!

Mentally it’s quite different living on a boat. You feel definitely ‘removed’ from the rest of the world and the mundane things of living don’t seem to impinge in the same way as when you are stuck in your house.  We became adopted the boatyard folk especially ‘John’ a traditional boatbuilder of huge experience.  We also were adopted by Boris the yard cat. Boris was a very special cat, he was initially totally intrigued by our stereo system on board, upon first hearing it he looked fascinated and searched around for the source of the sounds of the normally classical music of BBC Radio 3.

The acoustics on the boat were fantastic for stereo music, which we could have playing at ‘proper volume’ and a memorable occasion was when we had a request on Radio 3, (Brian Kay of the King’s Singers) played. It aws for Benjamin Britten’s “Sea Interlude” from his opera “Peter Grimes” with the most ferocious and heart searing storm ever set down to music.  What an amazing piece that is!

A Classic Plywood Boat, 16ft, 55hp outboard, planing hull!

A Classic Plywood Boat, 16ft, 55hp outboard, planing hull!

To the right is a picture of a little 16ft Cabin Cruiser that I just rescued from being cut up.  I had always admired it’s friendly but purposeful shape and wanted to ‘get her going’ as she had a nasty example of rot in the transom.  One day I found someone working on her, stripping gear out and stopped to chat.  He was the owner and had decided to have her scrapped!  Oh dear, I’ll buy her off you, I declared and for a few hundred pounds for the gear and trailer and the big outboard ‘in abeyance’ she was mine!

I set to, in between ‘heavy’ jobs on the MFV , knocked out the rotten transom, cleaned up and repaired the associated framework, bought some good thick marine ply and fitted a new transom. Did I feel proud of that!  Boatyard crew inspecting and ‘OK’ about it too.  My aeromodelling experience certainly came into play here.

As you can see from the picture, she came up very prettily and we had serious fun with that little boat!  20 knots was exciting and, to anyone watching, highly surprising!  Mind you, one had to be pointing in the right direction when you put her in gear, no clutch, just in and off!  And, no, going astern never pulled the transom off either!  Water Cress (as she was called by the previous owner for an especially romantic reason) only drew a very few inches, with the o/b lifted, which meant we could creep over very shallow ground and this enabled us to go to a neighbouring marina, have tea with friends and come back, just clearing a causeway, all on a tide.  That was fun, as was a 3AM start for a lovely summer’s day excursion, subject of an acclaimed essay by one of my daughters!

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Buying Antique Clock in Horncastle

edwardian-clockWhere I live is renowned for its antique shops and today we were ostensibly browsing around but in reality being inexorably drawn (oh so innocently) back to a ceramic Edwardian Clock that had been nagging away at us.

It’s a pretty grand looking thing, rather French looking.  It wasn’t working as a timepiece but I like fixingthis sort of thing so we were allowed to take a look inside and I reckoned it could be a go-er. We bought it.

I swiftly removed the ‘works’ which were all coated in what looked like treacle, no wonder it wasn’t working!

And I thought you would like to see this thing.

I will post progress as I go along.

Hope you like the tick of a real piece of clockwork made over 100 years ago and still working (now)

You can see it working by clicking on the ‘Clockwork’ Link which will take you to my YouTube Channel.

A couple of days later now and I have rescued the clock face somewhat.  I simply photocopied it onto plain paper. I then coloured in the blemishes using art crayons, photocopied that to fix it. Then inked in the obliterated numbers, finally copying onto glossy paper. Voila, one antique clockface but legible.  I may order a replacement as it is a bit dark.

Finished item has found its way to the top of the page!  Do you like it?


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Another Perspective – There’s a Fun Side Too!

Flying Model of the Spitfire Trainer - Miles Magister

Flying Model of the Spitfire Trainer - Miles Magister

Hi, Hello,

Just for Fun!

I can get rather serious sometimes when talking about the economy, finances, banks etc so here’s another side that I think will make you smile.

I have just acquired a Flip Camera (no I am not trying to sell them – at present anyway)!

The first try-out was to strap it on my bike and go out for the daily bike ride with Celia.

And using the camera’s own software here’s the result, posted on You Tube, The Title is

“Upbeat Biking” the link is here:- (copy and paste into browser) or click the link in the ‘Links’ section

People think Lincolnshire’s just flat, well it certainly is but not all over, this is a short (about 8miles) route straight out from our house on the South-West edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, designated ‘An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.’  Lincolnshire is often called ‘The Secret County’. A lot of the country’s food is grown here.  I love it!

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The Grand Trick – Sleepers Awake!

The Grand Trick – Sleepers, Awake!


Oranges and Lemons

Picking up on a recent remark about my stance on ‘Usury’ I thought
it might be interesting to flesh that particular point out.

On it’s own interest/usury is a pernicious concept but I am not
focusing solely on usury but the way money is generated and how most
of the population (world wide) is manipulated and brainwashed into
accepting and not questioning the  Grand Trick that is played on
them – and it’s a trick which is fundamentally malevolent  and used to
gain power and control.

Who Owns The Banks?

I often start by asking people “Who owns the Bank of England? Who
owns the Federal Reserve?”

People hum and ha but few know that both are privately owned banks
but they are the designated “Central Banks” of their respective countries.

They have the license to ‘supply’ our money.

To cut a long story very short the way in which a bank works is
that it ‘looks after people’s money’. Years ago you could take in
your gold coin, deposit it and receive a note to say that that amount
was held in the bank and redeemable upon demand.   Instead of
running back to the bank to retrieve your gold to exchange it for
a horse or whatever, you simply passed over your ‘notes’ to the
required value of gold and thus bought your horse.

Simple, convenient and the banks simply charged ‘rent’ to store your

gold safely.

A Clever, Profitable Trick

But then the keepers of the gold could see that they always had
large amounts of gold in their bank, never did ‘everyone’ come in
at one time and take all their gold out.  So they secretly hit upon
the idea of lending out extra notes, charging interest for such‘loans’.

A very profitable idea indeed, if you and I tried that trickimagine the

shame and uproar when found out!

Going to Print – Money from Thin Air

Notice at this point that the lenders simply printed a ‘note’ that
had cost them virtually nothing, written an amount on it and then
charged interest on the ‘loan’ or ‘credit’.   They created money out of thin
air based on their ‘customer’s promissory note to pay it back.

The promissory note took the place of gold, became the funding
instrument for the new customer’s account and without which, no new
account could be created. No money was taken from another account –
it is a trick based on trust. But this strategy is not ‘well
advertised’ as you can imagine and the population at large generally
has no clue as to what the bankers are doing -treating them as
Lemons, no less!

Who Get’s Rich?

Well, bankers/lenders got very rich producing little except pretty
pieces of paper!  But everyone seemed happy until….

Depositors began to wonder how these bankers were getting so rich
and rumours spread that they were spending the depositors money.
The depositors rushed to get ‘their gold’ out of the bank before
everyone else did and guess what? Not enough gold to go around and
the bankers were lynched (well they should have been perhaps)!

Know Your Fractions!

So banking rules were set up and fractional banking approved and
made legal. Bankers had to retain a certain proportion in gold of
what they lent out in notes. They were allowed to lend extra to
what they held in stock they only had to hold a fraction of the
value lent in gold – hence Fractional Banking.  Still money backed
by gold but not so much.

Goodbye Gold

But…since the gold standard was abandoned no gold at all need be
kept in the bank (it isn’t) and all money issued today is against
promissory notes of one kind or another, so as above, money is
created out of thin air. Now the fractional banking is based on
these promissory notes (i.e. Loan agreements) instead of gold or
any other precious metal.

Very Interesting Point

So what’s wrong with that?   The problem lies in finding the
interest charged. When money is created from promissory notes
everything balances out until you have to find the money to pay the
interest, the only way that can be done is through borrowing more
money into existence.

If the Treasury performed the very same function there would be no
need for the Government to pay these interest charges, think about it.

In 1694 ‘They ‘got Rich ‘We’ Got Poor

The Bank of England was brought into it’s
‘wealth-for-itself-generating-position’ by William and Mary in
1694.  William needed money, he did a deal with the Bank to
lend it to him, at interest. Interest on money created out of thin
air, collateral? The population, they would pay taxes, great idea,
here you are Mr King Orange we are surrounded by Silly Lemons, so
no problem!

The Government’s ‘Credit Card’

Forever after the gov’t has enjoyed this system, they have an open
credit card, they sign the promissory notes for billions for arms
(arms sales down, let’s have a war) etc., and pass the burden of
the debt interest to us Lemons who are picking up a growing tab.

Now the banks control nearly everything.

“Lets put a lot of money into the market”
Interest rates down folks, everyone borrow like crazy.
Now watch this trick, lets pull the money in now – up go interest
rates, Lemons go into default on mortgages loans etc, property is
seized!  Now see that trick? The money was created out of thin air
but the property is real, who ends up with the property? The banks,
thanks, squeeze another Lemon chaps!

The Credit Card Wheeze – Put on the Squeeze

Credit cards (see how they are promoted to draw people into alleged
debt and subservience to the banks) and there are truly vicious and
underhand tricks played with them
Loans (to consolidate other loans)
Mortgages (Death Grip)

Repossessions Tantamount to Theft

Taking mortgages for example: When interest rates rise and
mortgages go into default and property is seized and sold on as
‘distressed property’ in many, many cases a bit of education and
un-brainwashing could have saved thousands of re-possessions, very

All the Mortgage lender need to do is to say “You are obviously
struggling, why not switch from repayment to interest only?”
It’s less than half the monthly outgoing and you can manage that.

We are brain washed into thinking that’s a very bad idea – but, but
we’ll never pay for the house what will happen…..?

A Debatable Point?

Consider: The rise in property prices follows a steady trend of say
12% p.a. (it’s about that) property prices rise above and correct
down and fall below sometimes then correct up. Why? There is a
growing housing shortage crisis that’s why. We have 500 more people
in this country through the ‘balance of trade’ between immigrants
and emigrants – per day; not to mention smaller family units (divorce
splits, growing student accommodation requirement etc.)  So the
value increase in your house over 25 years is so great that there
is no need to struggle to ‘pay off, you can simply release equity
later, the house will earn more than you!   Hence acquiring
property is such an ‘earner’.

But the banking system as you can see is based on a trick, “a
sleight of hand’ as a Bank of England governor said and the tricks
don’t stop at a national level.

Who’s in Charge?

Through the clever mechanics of banking, the bankers can actually
control the world – and they do.

Through big corporations they exploit labour in poorer countries,
they make loans that become national burdens of huge proportions
then send in the economic hit-men to persuade the rulers to bend to
the will of..I will leave that to the imagination, as I am not keen
on being hit myself!

They go in and say, “Now , you owe us a lot of money. In this
pocket I have a lot of money, I can make you very rich, through
‘legitimate’ deals of course, if you follow our prescribed policy
(sell us your oil cheap, for dollars, etc) but in this pocket I have a gun, with
a bullet with your name on it). If the president doesn’t go along
with plan A. His plane blows up in mid air (that’s happened to two
S American, non-co-operative presidents so far).

Our banking system is unsustainable. We are paying taxes that’s
money that goes into a black hole, growing interest on money
created out of thin air and going straight to the bankers (ever
seen an audit of accounts of the Bank of England)?

What have we got a Treasury for?

It can issue Treasury Bonds to raise money (bonds are a form of
money) therefore they can issue debt free money too. It would take
a brave act of parliament.  At least three US presidents have tried
and all got assassinated. If that happened we would be immediately
freed from a huge unpayable debt that each Chancellor of the
Exchequer has to find more and more sneaky ways to raise more and
more tax from …..the Lemons!

Let’s Call It Like it Is!

So when I say evil, I mean evil – and powerful – and in control –
and anyone who knows, who’s in any power, is scared to say a word.

I have written to The Chancellor (then GB) and received a response
from Ed Balls, probably why he didn’t make it to Chancellor
himself?  I wrote to my MP when he was Shadow Secretary for
Overseas Development – he’s in Education now. Such clever people,
international finance one minute, Education the next; background?
Estate Agent I believe?
I hope that gives some food for thought?

I am now going to save the planet by introducing a fuel saving kit
(stage one giving minimum savings of 50%) stage two, if we are
allowed to import it, gives 100mpg plus.

You would think that HMG would welcome such a green item but that’s
all hog wash, where will they replace the lost fuel tax revenue?
“Ho, Ho, folks, the greens made a mistake, global warming is due to
cyclic sun spot activity don’t worry about it – and those silly old
fuel savers use too much water anyway!”

Squeeze me a Lemon someone, I don’t hear the pips squeaking yet.

Disclaimer: The above are my own thoughts, I am not a financial advisor and readers must make their own judgements and draw their own conclusions. My comments must not be construed or taken as advice. My purpose is to stimulate thinking.

Copyright GFParis  5/08

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Home Education – Incalculable Value/Save a Fortune!

As intimated in my profile I have enjoyed wealth and ‘the opposite'(!)

For Richer for Poorer

During a time of abundance we sent our children to a fine local private school.  We chose it because the girls and boys from that school always seemed so happy and polite.   But our fortunes took a steep downturn and we had no option but to move house and remove the girls from that private school to a local state school.  It wasn’t an entirely happy experience and I knew for sure that at least one of our daughters was suffering inside.    I remember returning from an important meeting which could result in a turnaround and driving past the school I offered up a heartfelt prayer that we could do something to help our daughters.

Like Father like Daughters

Now I had actually been taught at home for a year or so as my father worked overseas and we travelled a lot. It was the PNEU system (Parents National Education Union) and I suggested to my wife, who was a Music Teacher before we had our girls,  that she could do the same.

So we (she) did.

Media Acclaim

It was a great success; we were duly visited by the local education authorities and given an ‘exemplary’ comment, in fact they took notes for their own use!

I Can Play the Piano, the Piano, the Piano….

One evening we were listening to ‘Classic FM’ radio and heard an advert for a Music School, looking for musical children, admission by audition.

So a bit of research into the subject got us thinking about putting our eldest daughter for audition at the three main schools as she was learning to play the piano and was obviously very musical.  The result was that she was accepted into one of these top schools through her audition.  Now these boarding places are offered, if finances dictate, under a gov’t “Music and Ballet” sponsorship scheme and thus, at that time at least, nearly all the fees were covered!

Scholarships All

All three of our daughters won these scholarships in turn, a fine achievement that hit the front page of our local paper with a lovely photo!

No TV?

I might add that we don’t have TV, it helps.

So why am I telling you this?  Because home education is such a good option for you and your children. If you structure your week, get into a routine, you can be flexible and arrange instant ‘field trips’, don’t worry about the ‘social interaction’ that’s no problem in fact it’s better.  There are thousands of families doing this, you won’t be alone. Your child will have 1:1 attention, work at his/her own pace and your child will feel very secure. There is no substitute for parental attention, effort, sacrifice and interest in their children.

I won’t say that there aren’t character types that would be better off at school, that may be the case, I can only speak from experience.

Can You Put a Value on This?

You probably couldn’t afford such a fine education as this (home education)  but if you could, well you’ll save your family exchequer a huge amount of money (work it out) and grow very close to your children?

But still the money has to come in and I will talk about that in another post.

Let me know if you are seriously interested in this concept and I can give further advice.

Check it Out

Meanwhile just start by Googling  “Education Otherwise”  or “Home Teaching”

In the UK (and the USA/Canada/Australia,  I believe.   You have the right to provide home education. It just has to be demonstrated that you actually are doing so and your child is receiving adequate tuition.  With online programmes and teaching resources readily available it is made a lot easier than you may think.   Our years of highest family happiness were when we were teaching at home, it’s fun, hard work but fun! We were happy and felt we were on an exciting journey of discovery together.

So Comparatively Efficient it’s Almost Cheating!

It is also highly efficient compared to going to school! Think about it, you on the spot, breaks are just long enough, class settling down time is almost zero, no travel problems, no bullying etc…

Comments welcome, actions even more so!

All the best  – Graham

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